My Advice for Forefoot Varus

Forefoot varus is an uncommon biomechanical problem due to the alignment of the bone in the foot. When the heel bone is held vertical or in its neutral position, the medial or inside of the foot is off the ground. To get the foot to the ground, the foot has to overpronate in the rearfoot to bring it down to the ground. Forefoot varus is a bony or osseous problem. It often gets confused with a similar condition called forefoot supinatus, which is due to a soft tissue contracture. The difference between the two is important as a forefoot supinatus can be corrected, whereas forefoot varus cannot be (as it is a bony alignment problem).

My Advice for forefoot varus:

  • If you think you have forefoot varus, see an expert to make sure it is not a forefoot supinatus
  • If you really have a forefoot varus, then you need foot orthotics. No amount of stretching, strengthening or changing your running form will make it go away. The foot orthotic needs design features that bring the ground up to the foot under the medial forefoot

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