My Advice for Cracked Heels

This is not exactly a running injury, but it is surprising how many runners get cracks in the dry and hard skin that can develop around the heel. They can be painful. They occur when the fat pad under the heel expands out sideways and the skin is not supple enough or flexible enough to take the stress, so cracks. The crack in the hard skin, then pulls on the good skin below which may bleed and become painful. Every time you step on teh heel, teh crack opens, so healing can be difficult

My Advice for cracked heels:

  • Use a cream or emollient regularly to keep the skin supple and flexible
  • Use a file to remove the callus or dry and hard skin (a podiatrist can do this very skilfully)
  • When a crack does occur use tape to hold the edges together so that it can heel, then use the creams and file to prevent it happening again.
  • See a Podiatrist is this gets too difficult to manage

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