My Advice if you Overpronate

Overpronation is a term used to describe a foot that has rolled inwards at the ankle joint and is usually accompanied with a lowering of the arch of the foot. It is a term that is often overused and abused, especially in the running community. Feet that overpronate are not necessarily a problem. They are only a problem if the forces that are driving the overpronation is high. Many people have feet that overpronate and never have problems.

My advice if you overpronate:

  1. Do not assume that it is a cause of the running injury you have.
  2. Don’t listen to all the gurus who tell you to strengthen the muscles (weak muscles are a very uncommon cause of overpronation). That does not mean you should not do exercises, as they are probably beneficial.
  3. Get proper advice re the most appropriate running shoe.
  4. If overpronation is the problem, then foot orthotics are always the best short term solution. They will lower the force (is they are prescribed correctly) and allow you to get over the injury.  As to if you need them longer term, then that will depend on the exact causes of the problem and just how much the overpronation contributed to the injury. Only an expert can determine than
  5. Don’t listen to the online gurus with a blog and no qualifications and no experience in treating running injuries. Read about the ovepronation myths.

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