My Advice for Pose Running

Pose running is one of those many different running technique that are being widely promoted in the running community. The technique uses more of a forefoot strike, a shorter stride length and a more forward lean at the ankle rather than the waist. Many claims get made for it such as reduced injury rates, but there is no evidence for that and those clinicians who treat a lot of running injuries know that this is not the case. The biomechanical underpinnings of Pose running is somewhat flawed and the technique has been shown to be metabolically less efficient than other forms of running. There certainly is a lot of rhetoric and propaganda surrounding Pose running and those that promote it are certainly sensitive to criticism of it.

My Advice for Pose Running:

  • Pose running may be useful for some runners
  • Pose running increases the load on the Achilles tendon, inside leg muscles and the arch structures, so if you have any problems with these structures, then stay away from it.
  • Otherwise, if you are going to try it then make sure the transition is slow and gradual

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