My Advice for Pes Cavus

The pes cavus or high arched foot is sometimes difficult to manage. It comes in several different forms. It may just be a high arched foot or no real consequence or it could be associated with supination at the ankle joint which can have more consequences. Often the two biggest problems with pes cavus is the different pressures under the foot that may cause symptoms and the tendency to supinate can cause a condition like peroneal tendonitis and increase the risk for an ankle sprain. The cavus foot type is also poor at absorbing shock and this shock can be transmitted up the body to the spine. Occasionally a pes cavus foot type is due to an underlying neurological problem and this needs to be checked out.

My advice for Pes Cavus:

  • Use running shoes with higher levels of shock absorption and good lateral stability
  • Strengthen the muscle on the outside of the leg
  • If you have problems with pressure under the foot, then you need insoles with cavities under the pressure areas to relieve the pressure.
  • Foot orthotics are also useful to relieve the pressure and stop the foot supinating
  • In the worse cases, surgery can be an option.

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